My most recent book has just been published on the Print-on-Demand website It is called "Before We Knew it was Gone" and it is a small collection of some of the haiku poems I have written over the last 15 years. There are 55 haiku and I have produced 14 brush drawings to go with them.

Print-on-Demand sites operate on the basis that if someone wants to buy a book then, and only then, a book is printed and delivered to that person. There are no print-runs and so there are no boxes containing hundreds of books lying in a corner of the author's house or a garage. If you want one it'll be printed especially for you!

I've sited all my own books (not counting books I have illustrated that others have written) with If you would like to buy any of my books - "Before We Knew it was Gone", "Fish Wish" and "The Grey Golem" - then please go to my Links gallery and then click on the link "Books to Buy".

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