Fizzers - caricatures

Taken from the Scots slang for 'face' "Fizzers" are the head and shoulder caricatures drawn by the super-talented artists at the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio - Chris Sommerville, Terry Anderson, Tommy Sommerville, Brian Flynn and me! In 2006 the Scottish National Portrait Gallery hosted a huge exhibition of famous Scottish folk from the last hundred years, 250 pieces all drawn and painted by the artists in the Studio. The gallery had never before hosted an exhibition of contemporary caricature and it was an instant runaway success. A book was published in conjunction with the exhibition containing over 100 of the caricatures. Also called "Fizzers" its ISBN is 9781841830940 and it is published by Birlinn.
In the Studio's tenth year a new Fizzers show was exhibited at the People's Palace in Glasgow with 12 new faces added to the collection.
Selected Fizzers caricatures can be purchased online as exclusive prints from including my caricatures of Bill Shankly, Jimmy Johnstone and Jim Baxter as seen below.
Fizzers ® and © Scottish Cartoon Art Studio

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