Visual Minutes

Visual Minutes is a process of providing a visual record/accompaniment of meetings, seminars, brain-storming sessions and workshops - the themes discussed, the suggestions put forward and the conclusions reached. Visual Minutes has a number of advantages over traditional reporting. Drawings simplify, they focus on the important things without getting swamped by detail. They’re arresting, so you will want to actually look at and engage with them. They change the tone of meetings, because they encourage people to talk in a different way. Delegates often find themselves using imagery and metaphor to communicate their ideas rather than jargon. In the days following the meeting a good visual image can be a great memory trigger. To this end, although the drawings would never be able to communicate the entire detail of a meeting on their own, when used in conjunction with written notes time and again they prove extremely valuable.
Some Visual Minutes clients:
British Telecom, Department of Work and Pensions, Global Business Network, Hedra Plc, Queen Margaret University College, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Executive, Scottish Power
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